Braga is candidate city for European Capital of Culture in 2027. 

We are drawing up the candidacy file and we need all the living forces in the city.


We want to place the entire Braga community at the center of cultural action, thought and policy planning and design the territory and its responses in dialogue with the characteristics and interests, roots and positions of this community.  


To this end, we created a listening program especially aimed at individuals at risk of social exclusion  (ethnicities, immigrants, families and young people in social neighborhoods), in order to enable them to exercise an active citizenship, namely giving them a voice and an active role in the process of debate and search for solutions for the city and the aforementioned, Braga's candidacy for European Capital of Culture

On a white sheet mark your place. Send us your drawing.







What is the composition of the air we breathe?

Air as a common good. Element that, like the sun, belonging to no one, belongs to everyone. The air knows no borders, no languages, no homes. But you know us inside. It enters and leaves our bodies with each breath. And you can't even imagine that he's what keeps us alive. In this creative process, we will explore together the composition of air and the fact that it is a common and essential denominator for every living thing on Earth. For this, we take with us some texts that guide us on this path.

“No wonder that for millennia the air, which no one sees, was imagined as a supernatural being that penetrated into men's bodies and gave them life. A god, therefore. Thus, the air was considered a much feared god, sometimes protective, when it let itself be sucked in in comforting breaths, sometimes terrible, when it roared, blew, whistled, made the sturdy trees shudder and pulled them out of the ground, toppling them. A god who deserved all the veneration and respect.”


— Rómulo de Carvalho, the Composition of the Air, 1981

“Wind existed first, as a person, and when Earth began its existence, Wind took over.

It is the Wind that gives us the ability to speak. We have already noted that the four Winds of the cardinal directions are also called "four Words." Since we only speak through the breath, the Wind itself – the collective breath – is considered to hold the power of language: Only through the Wind do we speak. It exists on the tip of our tongues. So the Air – in particular in the  its ability to provide consciousness, thought and speech – has properties that European alphabetic civilization ascribes to man's individual inner “mind” or “psyche”.  


The identification (...) of consciousness with air (...) is not an immaterial power that resides within us, but rather the invisible yet entirely palpable environment in which we are immersed. (...) the soul, or the mind, but also a breath or a gust of wind.”

in The Magic of the Sensitive,  

Air composition

The project

Let's talk.

Let's listen.

Let's breathe. 

And so we made the verb such an important step of action. And we listen. That was the goal. Identify. Mapping and listening to the communities of Braga. 

On Mondays, over the course of two months, we open the door to voice and listening. We found people with a lot to add to the city. We also went to the meeting. In stores, in homes, in studios, in everyone's places. 

We listen. We know.

After this listening period, the process continues with the will to drop, or drop, the "s" of "communities" through the creation of an artistic object that reflects this listening period. Basically, let it be a reflection of common life. 

A project of approximation, reflection and provocation made by people who breathe and build the same air.

© com[posição] do ar